Welcome to my gallery. I dabble in photomanipulation and retouching. I've been using photoshop since 1993, version 2.0. During these long and crazy two decades (OMG really?) I owned and operated a website design firm for about ten years, but I retired from that to pursue other interests. Currently I take jobs on limited basis (Sorry, I'm sooo busy). Here are a few of my manipulations from over the years. I've included the "before" in some of them to show how they originated. You can see more before and after examples here. Also I've recently added my latest photo-retouching, where I demonstrate how to soften the harshness of photos for a more flattering image while still revealing the true you.

Recently I made the switch from Adobe Photoshop to Affinity Photo, so a lot of my newer images are me adjusting to the learning curve. I can't abide the idea of subscription-based software, so I'm grateful for this wonderful and affordable new program that is just as powerful as Photoshop.